About Me, Myself & the Doctor


Hello, peeps! Welcome to Me, Myself & the Doctor.

This is my blog number 345678987654567898789 (joking. Not really). Throughout the years I have realized that I enjoy way more to build a site/blog than to actually feed it with content. Good thing I work helping people to build their sites.

It’s kinda like when I used to play The Sims™. I always loved building the houses, not so much actually playing the game.

But I have decided to give it another try. And this time I’ll try not to focus on one thing so I don’t get bored. Don’t do that at home. This is terrible for SEO.

But since this is a blog for family and friend, mostly, I don’t care about it being indexed on Google 😅

This is just a place for me to post my pics and thoughts about my trips, foods, places I’ve been so my friends and family can follow me around the world.

Oh, and before I forget, if you are asking yourself `Doctor who?` Yup, this is the one!