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Quite the Weekend

Working remotely has, in my case, only advantages. But after almost two years of Covid, seeing several people working from home, considering this happened in a very unordered manner and…

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New Look

After almost 3 years I have decided to change the layout of my blog. 3 reasons led me to this: First, I love messing up playing with blog layouts Second,…

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FanExpo 2019 – 25 Years

This past weekend was the FanExpo Canada – 25 years edition. I’m going to be honest here and say I was not sure if I would go and ended up…

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New books

Look at that! I’m here again in less than one week. Leaving social media behind actually encouraged me to share more on my blog. I just got two new books…

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Modern Times

This is how lazy I am. I was supposed to have posted this last year, after my birthday (8 months ago), but I haven’t been very good with my blog.…

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