Venice Beach

When the magic started

Immigrating to another country is not easy. There are a lot of hoops to jump through, a lot of challenges to overcome. Doesn’t matter how prepared you are, how much you’ve planned, it takes a while for you to get on your feet, get a…

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One week Vacay in Tobermory

After being here for almost 12 years I finally went to Tobermory during the summer. This is the kind of place that’s too close to home to make me want to actually do the effort to plan a trip but not close enough to make…

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My family was always a big fan of games. Board games, video games, pick your poison, we love it! I grew up used to having aunts and uncles, and my parent’s friends at our house on Saturdays for endless game nights, guitar playing and lots…

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Toulouse (ish) and the Cité de l’espace

I have been staring at the screen for the pats 10 minutes trying to decide what should be the title of this post  🙄 So, back to my backpacking trip last year, after I left from Andorra I went to Toulouse, but I basically slept…

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Milky Way

From the Pale Blue Dot

This story begins about almost nine months ago, on December 31st, 2019. I had a small group of friends over for the holiday, and at some point we started planning our 2020 trips. The year before (December 31st, 2018) we had talked about going to…

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Andorra La Vella

When I first started planning this trip I first made the decision to go to Barcelona, from Trondheim. And then, I made the mistake of opening Google Maps to see what was in the surroundings. Getting there from Barcelona I took the Alsa bus, which…

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Walking through the clouds in Montserrat

Ok, I think we have established by now that I am TERRIBLE on keeping this blog updated. Today is May 28th, 2020 and I’m still writing about my last trip that started on September last year. I have started writing this post a million times…

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Magic Fountain of Montjuïc

Barcelona – Days 7 & 8

Day 7 was a quiet day. After working I just went to do laundry. And after a few days having appetizers for lunch (even though healthy ones) I was craving a big salad with real meat, so I decided to walk around for a bit…

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Barcelona – Days 4 to 6

So, since the following few days I was working part of the day and exploring the city after work, I got to see fewer places each day, so I will try to condense 3 days in one post! Day 4 The weather forecast for today…

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Barcelona – Day 3

Day 1 Day 1 in Barcelona was actually day 3 since I got here on the Saturday 19th, but didn’t actually do anything. Day 2 I went to Girona and Figueres, so it’s day 3 of the third part of the trip and day 42…

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Girona & Figueres – Day 2

So, with 49 days to go, the third part of my long trip has begun. After 9 days in a work conference in Orlando, about 4 weeks of the most amazing family time in Norway, the last bit is here – The solo trip. I…

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Around and about – Norway

I would like to start this post by saying that I have no idea for a title at the moment. The idea of naming the posts after Doctor Who episode names crossed my mind, but I’m not sure it would work since the name of…

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Day trip to Røros – Norway

So, after 8 days in Florida for a conference (post about that later) I have finally arrived in Norway where I will be staying for 4 weeks visiting family. And while I will be staying at my sister’s place and there’s nothing touristy left to…

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Here We Go Again – Packing for a long trip

And another journey is about to start. The longest trip of my life so far. I’m leaving today and will be away from home for 3 whole months. 😱 The challenge? Pack everything you need to spend three months away into one single backpack! 😅…

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Ooops, where’s my luggage?

I feel very lucky to be able to hop on a plane (or a car, bus, train… you got the idea) whenever I want to. One of the perks of working remotely. It’s a feeling I’m not able to describe, especially when you have been…

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