Day 9 – Because I’m tired of thinking about a good title

During the month of January, I will be posting (tentatively) one post every day as part of the #bloganuary challenge
Today’s Prompt:
What do people incorrectly assume about you?

Warning: The misleading picture of the Aurora has nothing to do with the post, but I saw it yesterday for the first time despite the fact that I have been here a billion times (I live in Sounthern Ontario, so I can’t really see it from there). No cool adventure, we saw it from my sister’s backyard because she’s that cool.

Now, back to the subject. Most honest and transparent people tend to think that because they are honest and transparent people don’t make assumptions about them. But people will, one way or the other. Especially because you can only be honest and transparent to a certain extent. Saying everything that comes to your mind is not necessarily the best thing to do. But I like to think I’m very vocal about the things I believe and that someone who has talked to me a little bit would not assume that I am anti-vax or that I think the earth is flat or that I believe in astrology.

That said, not everyone knows you, and people who have never seen you before will make assumptions about you when you meet.

Some people have assumed (multiple times) I’m Canadian because I’m white. And even tho I am in the legal sense (and in my heart 😋) my parents are not, and my whole family, going as far back as I know, were all born in Brazil. And obviously, I speak English with an accent, but most people can’t identify where it’s from, so they assume I’m from Quebec. 🤷‍♀️

People also assume that because I’m from Brazil I like football, which I absolutely hate, and that I know how to dance samba 💁‍♀️ Nothing major, nothing that bothers me. Some people also automatically assume I speak Spanish natively because I’m from Brazil. This is also fine because I don’t know which language is spoken in every country around the world, but that seems to make some Brazilians maaaaaaaaaad.

But yeah, those are the ABCs of the immigrant cliche. Nothing unexpected here.

Some people have assumed that because my parents are Christians I am too. What they don’t know is that my very Christian parents raised 3 little atheists and they are ok with that.

Some people assume I’m a guy when I’m working on LiveChat support (since our names are not displayed) just because I’m helping them with something related to IT. Apparently, to some people, if you can write code you must be a guy.

What about you? What assumptions you make about people and what assumptions people have made about you?

4 responses to “Day 9 – Because I’m tired of thinking about a good title”

  1. That’s got to be my favourite title so far 🙂

    1. Hahahaha right? 😋

  2. Eu pensei muito nessa pergunta e não sei exatamente o que responder. Acho que as pessoas acham que sou mais inteligente do que realmente sou. E obviamente, quando interajo com estrangeiros, eles têm os mesmos preconceitos que você falou no texto. Mas fora isso, não sei. De qualquer forma, é fascinante imaginar a visão que as pessoas têm de nós mesmos. Eu penso nisso com frequência.

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