Describe the happiest day of your life

During the month of January, I will be posting (tentatively) one post every day as part of the #bloganuary challenge
Today’s Prompt: Describe the happiest day of your life

Here we go again with the extremes 😂 The happiest, the favourite, etc. I have a list of extremely happy days, but I can’t pinpoint one.

The days when my nieces were born. The day I passed the Canadian Immigration Process interview. The day I got my passport back with my Permanent Resident visa. The day I moved to Canada (by the way, 13 years ago, yesterday).

The day I got a job at Automattic, the day I got accepted into the Developer Apprenticeship Program. The day I started travelling solo. The day I bought my house. Each day a friend of mine from Brazil moved to Canada (According to my dad I have an evil plan to bring all my friends to Canada 🤣🤣🤣)

Sorry, I can’t pick one. Thankfully I have had a bunch and can’t narrow it down to just one.

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  1. You live a very blessed life. And I know you appreciate that.

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