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During January, I will be posting (tentatively) one post every day as part of the #bloganuary challenge
Today’s Prompt: What is on your music playlist right now?

This is day 28 of the blogging challenge and this is the first prompt that led me to think of a title (even though a pretty basic one) in less than 30 seconds. Titles are usually the last thing I pick.

Being the person I am, I’m completely addicted to lists. My Gmail account has several labels and nested labels where I organize all the emails I need to keep. My Bookmarks bar has several folders and nested folders where I save the links I might need one day, so you can find things like Personal – Recipes – Low-carb – Desserts – Cakes and then you will find several links to Low-carb cakes 😋

And I do the same with my playlists. I have a general folder called Heavy Metal which has several playlists organized by band or a combination of two or more bands I like to listen to together:

  • Metallica / Pantera / ACDC / Judas Priest / Black Sabbath
  • Tobias Sammet/ Andre Matos
  • Masterplan
  • Kamelot
  • Blind Guardian
  • Savatage
  • Misc – when I put all the songs from bands I don’t like/know enough to have whole discographies on a playlist
  • etc

I also have a playlist for Brazillian songs, one for classical, Jazz, one I use when I’m having issues falling asleep, one called party, where I have all the songs I like that are more likely to please others, like more pop stuff, one for Queen and the Beatles, one called Oldies where you will find things from Elvis to The Doobie Brothers.

But if I have to pick one playlist to listen to for the rest of my life it will be my Heavy Metal one. It’s the one I listen to the most, all the time, in any situation. While I’m working, driving, cooking, cleaning the house, taking a shower (or a bubble bath). I know it’s contradictory, a lot of people see it as noise, but it’s what makes me relax, get into the groove, it’s what connected me to a lot of friends I miss dearly and it has been a big part of my life since my teenage years.

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