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working remotely from a cafe in France

After almost 3 years I have decided to change the layout of my blog. 3 reasons led me to this:

  • First, I love messing up playing with blog layouts
  • Second, we are moving from our older themes into full block-based themes and I was using one of the older themes, so it was time to step into the future.
  • I don’t remember the third reason…

Ironically I decided I was gonna focus on adding more images rather than on writing posts, mostly because I like taking pictures more than I like writing (yet here I am writing a post at 1:00 AM), so it will be easier to keep adding content🤪

After trying a few of the new themes I was finally able to find one that, combined with some of the awesome blocks we have, resulted in the Image-grid layout I wanted. The idea was to simplify the design, making it as clean as possible (it was very noisy before) so I started with the Zoologist Theme which is one of our newest themes and it’s very minimalist. And it’s amazing what you can build with Gutenberg (aka the block editor). It took me a while to get to what I wanted, mostly because I had no idea what I wanted.

So I tried a bunch of blocks, templates, patterns until it looked clean enough.

It’s funny to say that. I do that for a living (helping people build their sites), I test features before they are launched and all that, but actually using it to come up with a new site felt different (good different).

Oh, I remembered the third reason: Try, for the second time, to move away from social media (or at least use it a bit less). So focusing on the blog and making it simpler to post (adding pics more frequently and posts once in a while) might help. Let’s see how that goes. 🤷‍♀️

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