Ode to Joy

During the month of January, I will be posting (tentatively) one post every day as part of the #bloganuary challenge
Today’s Prompt: What brings you joy in life?

I usually write on my blog in the evening, after dinner or right before I go to bed, but this prompt got me excited and I decided to pause for a bit and reflect on this.

What brings me joy in life?

So many things. I consider myself a happy person. Nobody is happy all the time, and we all go through difficult moments, moments when you are sad for one reason or the other, but in the big picture, I’m a happy person and most of my days a lot of things bring me joy in life.

Let’s first make it clear that I will talk about them in no particular order.

Waking up early (YES, early) and drinking a nice cup of coffee while I do my daily Wordle brings me joy, peace and comfort.

My work brings me joy. Even tho it sometimes brings me panic and despair, this is mostly due to the career change part and not knowing what I’m doing rather than the work itself. I love what I do, I absolutely love my team and I am really grateful for working at Automattic.

I love that even tho my family is spread out in 3 countries we talk every day on Telegram and that makes me feel like we are close to each other. We are always talking, sharing pics and recipes, and sending each other crazy jokes and things we saw on Instagram and I love that about my family.

Brings me joy the fact that I work remotely and I can travel around the world, and I can be with my sister, bil and nieces in Norway frequently and visit my parents and other sister in Brazil too.

My friends, all my amazing, loving supporting, smart, funny friends. I used to joke saying I’m not very lucky when it comes to prize draws. I never won anything in my life from a prize draw but all my luck is translated into the people I have in my life.

The people I work with bring me joy. I have made some really special friends at work, but even the ones that are not exactly my friends, are also in general awesome people. Always willing to help, answer questions, help you succeed, share knowledge and make things better.

FOOD! Food brings me joy. Even though my eating habits/needs are considered very restrict by some, it brings me joy. And the fact that I eat and that contributes to my health brings me joy.

Cooking and baking. I don’t eat sugar anymore, but I absolutely LOVE baking for my friends. Last cake I baked was for NYE and it looked delicious.

I also made some hot chocolate bombs for them for Christmas

Exercising brings me joy. Biking, hiking or kayaking during the summer, ice skating or skiing (when I don’t break my shoulder hahahaha) during the winter, or simply working out brings me joy.

Learning new things bring me joy. Helping people brings me joy. Playing games, either by myself or with friends. Drawing, trying to play my guitar (and fail miserably most of the time), sing with my friends, walk through the park or by the beach.

Music brings me joy. Not all kinds, but the music I like can bring me out of dark places.

TRAVEL brings SO MUCH JOY! Get “lost” in a new city, explore, take amazing pictures, eat local food, experience new things, learn about different places, history, habits.

Being alive, in general, brings me joy.

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  1. And you bring joy to so many yourself. Love how you love life!

    1. 🥰🥰

  2. “Being alive, in general, brings me joy.”

    Love it Rosie!!!

    1. 🥰🥰

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