Prague days 2 and 3

The hanging man

Wednesday started with Damianne and me heading to a co-working space to meet with Jirka. It was the first time I tried WeWork. It works very similarly to FlexDay, only it has options all over the world and not just in Canada. You download the app, create an account, reserve a location either on demand or by paying a monthly membership, pay, and show up there.

The first time you go they give you an access card, so you need to be there during business hours. After that, you can access the locations using your card regardless of the time. The price of the day pass varies based on location.

The place is really nice, they offer coffee, tea, water and plenty of desks to work from. They also have options for private booths and meeting rooms.

The rest o the day was way less intense than Tuesday. We had lunch at an Italian place close by. They are 100% Gluten free but I ended up opting for a chicken salad. I feel like eggs and bacon and crouton-less caesar salads are saving me on this trip.

On our way to the restaurant, we passed by the sculpture known as “Zavěšený muž” (“Man Hanging Out”) by, yes, him again, Czech sculptor David Černý. Yet another controversial piece since the statue has led a lot of people to think there was an actual person in danger hanging from the building’s roof, apparently, is a sculptural statement about intellectualism in the 20th century and Černý’s uncertainty about it.

After work, we headed to visit some other interesting places like the National Library

The Head of Franz Kafka. If you guess the artist I will give you a candy next time we meet =p

The head consists of 42 layers that when aligned form Kafka’s head. Each layer rotates in different directions and they align at some point. The layers rotate twice per hour for 15 minutes. Then stay aligned for 15 minutes, and so on.

We also checked out the paternoster, which, according to Google, is a lift consisting of a series of linked compartments moving continuously on an endless belt.

If I remember correctly there are 3 of them in Prague. We went to the one at the YMCA building. Very interesting but weird experience

They just keep going up and down and you need to hop in whenever you feel you should.

The night ended with dinner at Cafe Palanda. The best burger I have ever had. And they offer naked burger options, which is what I had, obvs. But OMG. Delicious.

The last day

Unfortunately, my really short stay in Prague came to an end after only 2.5 days, but it was enough to instigate more serious thoughts about coming back for a longer period. Deadly serious considering this.

We went to a cafe to work from there and a walk through the park. The day was sunny and a bit foggy which made Prague even more beautiful.

I had the cutest espresso ever

On our way back we passed by the last sculpture of the trip. And NOPE, this time it’s not by David Černý’.

The fan of Sophie Chotková. It is a statue dedicated to the Duchess of Chotek who later married Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria. She was the granddaughter of Karl, Count Chotek, a member of the old Bohemian noble family Chotek of Chotkow and Wognin, and who as the Supreme Burgrave of the Bohemian Kingdom significantly contributed to the development of Prague.

In June 1914, the duchess accompanied her husband Franz Ferdinand to view military manoeuvres in Sarajevo, where they both fell victim to the assassination committed by the Bosnian Serb political activist, Gavrilo Princip. This tragedy served as the impulse for declaring World War I, and thus the figure of Duchess Sophie became a significant one for not only Czech history but for world history, as well.

The cast iron statue entitled “The Fan of Sophie Chotková” by academic painter, Martina Hozová, commemorates the personality of Duchess Sophie in this location connected with the Chotek family.

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