The end!

During January, I will be posting (I MADE IT) one post every day as part of the #bloganuary challenge
Today’s Prompt: How do you feel when you look at the stars?

I made it. Here we are, on the 31st day of the month, and I was able to publish a post for every day of the month.

This month was nothing like I had planned. When I bought my ticket to come to Norway, right after they changed the border rules to allow non-EU citizens again, things were calming down. Numbers were declining, things were opening again.

I was eager to see my sister, bil and nieces. It had been over 2 years. So we made plans. We planned to eat out, take day trips, go to the indoor waterpark, go skiing. And then, BAM! The Omicron changed everything, two weeks before my flight. But I could still come, so I came. Even if we couldn’t do everything we planned we would still be together.

And that’s what we did. We stayed home. The only people going out were the girls because of school and daycare… I had a week off planned before starting the Dev Apprenticeship program, I kept it so I could rest even though we would not be able to travel. And the last Friday my oldest niece started feeling ill, she tested positive for COVID and so did we throughout the week. Well, sort of. I keep testing positive in the rapid test and I have every symptom but the PCR test keeps coming back negative which puts me in some sort of travel limbo. It’s complicated and I won’t bore you with the details, but it has been really annoying. I have no idea yet when I will be able to go back home, due to several factors. Also, being sick (even tho with mild symptoms last week – they got worse since Saturday) during my first week in the new role was kind of a bummer. I was not able to give 100%, I could not focus the way I wanted, I was not feeling the way I know I would if things had happened like I planned.

But things, often, don’t go as planned and we need to adapt. So I did. It wasn’t the best outcome, it wasn’t the way I wanted it to be but I did everything I could given the circumstances.

Why am I talking about all this when the prompt asks me how do I feel when I look at the stars? Because the feeling is the same to a certain extent. Even though we are all good, nothing major happened (did I mention my family in Brazil ALSO got Covid? They are also all fine. We are just so much in sync we all got it at the same time even being in different countries 🤣) and this whole thing is just an annoyance and I’m super thankful to all the scientists out there who worked so hard to develop a vaccine so quickly that resulted in less severe cases, it makes me feel small in face of everything I can’t control. The randomness of life. A thing so tinny can wreak havoc on the world and change our life as we know it.

Stars on the other hand, also make me feel small, also make me feel like have no control over anything, but in a different way. They fascinate me (a lot of things do, but all space-related things are special to me), they amaze me and looking at them makes me think of how gigantic the universe is, and how so much is still beyond our comprehension. And with that, I end my participation in the bloganuary challenge

That said, I will say here that I’m gonna do a conscient effort to keep writing here as much as I can but it probably won’t be every day. Thanks for the company during this month and this challenge and I will see you soon 🤞

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  1. Ack, I’m glad you didn’t end up getting super sick, but sorry you spent week one of the Dev Apprenticeship miserable. You’re going to rock it though, COVID or no COVID <3

    1. Thanks, Sarah! <3

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