We can be superheroes…

Tower Bridge at night

During January, I will be posting (tentatively) one post every day as part of the #bloganuary challenge
Today’s Prompt: What is a superpower you’d love to have?

Oooooh, the nerd in me is jumping up and down with this prompt. We are talking superpowers as superheroes, right?

Even tho I am getting a bit tired of superheroes movies, they were always a big part of my life. Movies, comics, cartoons, you name it. Always loved them.

So thinking about which superpower I wanted to have was always part of the conversation (Right, Gio and La? 🤣)

Having practiced martial arts for so long I always thought having super fast reflexes would be amazing. Maybe super strength, although unnecessary if you know what you are doing, at least with Kung Fu.

Today (even though I am trying to go back to practicing Kung Fu but Covid is not helping) my focus changed a little bit. The thing I would love the most to be able to do would be to teleport, but not like Nightcrawler (from the X-men) who can only teleport a short distance and if he knows what’s on the other side (which kind of makes sense, otherwise you would end up in the middle of a wall). I would love to be able to teleport from Canada to Norway, to Spain, To Japan, to Brasil, to the moon. Don’t get me wrong. I have no issues with airplanes, but it-takes-so-long 🙄. And all the airport time and layovers. Especially now with Covid, flying has become 100% annoying.

I would love to travel the world, see the people I love more frequently, explore new places and be able to move from one country to the other in a blink of an eye. Can you imagine? Go to Paris to take a pic of the Eifel Tower during Christmas, or eat that amazing past in Rome (and I just realized I have never written about the trip to Italy), or go for a walk in London and then be back to sleep in my own bed?  😍

It would save me a lot of time and money 🤣

On the other hand, I would also loveeeeeeee to be able to travel through time. Go to the past, witness historical events, go to the future, see how far we are gonna get in the space exploration program. That would be awesome. But I could teleport and have a T.A.R.D.I.S, right? Would that be cheating?

6 responses to “We can be superheroes…”

  1. I totally agree! Teleporting is probably the best. I used to only semi-hate flying but after covid and not being in a plane for so long, I’m not sure I could do long trips again. And everywhere I want to go is a long flight haha

    1. Exactly! 😅 I hadn’t been in a plane in almost 2 years and I came to Norway (from Canada) and OMG, painful

      1. Dannnggg! I used to do non stop from Seoul to Toronto. Now a 4.5 hour train ride makes me go insane lol

  2. Hahaha precisamos re-discutir isso aí pra ver se Gio ainda tem a mesma posição! 😅

    1. Né??

  3. Eu gostaria de poder ficar invisível, só porque tenho muita curiosidade de saber o que as pessoas falam de mim quando não estou por perto…

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