Barcelona – Days 7 & 8

Magic Fountain of Montjuïc

Day 7 was a quiet day. After working I just went to do laundry.

The Doctor

This was also the first time I took a picture with the Doctor. My lil sister wanted to give me a gift that would nod add weight to my backpack. So she had our friend do the 10th Doctor in Felt for me. Isn’t it the cutest thing? So I decided I would take a pic with him everywhere, but i don’t always remember LOL. You can check her Instagram Profile here: @artesdafutrica

And after a few days having appetizers for lunch (even though healthy ones) I was craving a big salad with real meat, so I decided to walk around for a bit and found a place called Fit Kitchen and they had several salads and lowcarb bowls and the food was delicious. The place was also very cute.

I spent the rest of the afternoon resting and at night went to meet with an old friend I hadn’t seen in ages. We went to a place called 9 Granados also ridiculously good and not expensive. We a bunch of tapas to eat and a bunch of wine and spent 20 Euros each.

Saturday I went to mount Tibidabo.

There is an amusement park at the top. You don’t need to pay to get in, only if you want to go on the rides, which I didn’t, but even tho, it’s completely amazing. I would suggest to do what I did and go close to the sunset, which, of course, will depend on the time of the year, but go with some time to walk around for a bit, take some pics of the view while taking advantage of the golden hour light and then just sit down and watch the sunset. It’s mesmerizing. There’s also a beautiful church at the top called Temple of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

From there I wen to see the Montjüic dancing fountains.  It is situated below the Palau Nacional on the Montjuïc mountain and near the Plaça d’Espanya and Poble Espanyol de Barcelona. The show is free but there is a schedule, so you need to check the site for the days and times before you plan your day. You can check all that info on their site. The show is really beautiful, and the water from the fountain moves and changes color according to the song playing. The fountain was designed by Charles Buïgas back in 1922. The site where the fountain was built was the previous location of the Four Columns, which represents the Catalanism movement. The columns were demolished in 1928 under the orders of Prime Minister Miguel Primo de Rivera and re-erected in 2010 a few meters away from the original location.

The music was added to the show in 1980. They start, obviously, with Barcelona performed by Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caballé.

In recent years the traditional lights have been replaced by LED due to the low energy consumption and bright color. The fountain has also been using groundwater since 2010.

And with this I have completed my circuit through Barcelona. I stayed one more day and went on a day trip from there, but this is a story for another post.

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