Episode 15: Inside the Grand Meetup — Distributed.blog

On this episode of Distributed.blog Matt Mullenweg and some Automatticians talk all about what the Grand Meetup is like and also several other very interesting things about working remotely and a distributed company. Check it out!

On this episode of the Distributed podcast, we get an insider’s look at the Grand Meetup, Automattic’s annual weeklong all-staff event, where employees have an opportunity to collaborate, learn from one another, and hang out face-to-face. Folks from across the company share what makes this gathering so special, talk about social cohesion in the context of a large distributed company, and reflect on what’s great (and what’s tough) about the distributed lifestyle. For more, go to Distributed.blog. Produced by the Automattic Editorial team and Charts & Leisure: Jason Oberholtzer, Cole Stryker, Levi Sharpe, Michael Simonelli, and Meghal Janardan. Theme music by Jason Oberholtzer. Cover art by Matt Avery.

Episode 15: Inside the Grand Meetup — Distributed.blog

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