Between the Lines Winery

Last weekend I had a few (seven) friends over for the weekend. It happens quite often when most of your friends live 120km from you (or you live 120km from them). We had planned a wine tasting tour and one of them suggested a Winery called Between the Lines. I had never heard of it before and I just went with the flow.

This is a new winery. While other ones like Peller Estates (also really good experience) are in the market for 50 years, BTL is only 7 years old. But don’t be fooled. What they might lack in tradition they compensate with amazing wines and a customer service that is simply out of this world.

We were a big group so we purchased 4 BTL Cheese & Charcuterie Tasting which includes tasting of four wines, cheese, some salamis and prosciutto with crackers and fruits. It costs CAD$40.00 for 2 people. We talked to Lisa, the Head of Marketing and PR who is very passionate about BTL and told us all about the winery history and also presented the options we had and all the information about the wine making process and our choices of wines.

We had the whole room to ourselves!

It was a really good experience. The wine I brought home was their Lemberger. Actually, me and other four friends.

Oh, and to the people who like to collect the wine labels, their wines have a special label you can peel it out, and it has another label beneath it so you can collect both the label and the bottle separately. 

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