Team Jupiter Challenge

What happens in Jupiter…

Nope, I’m not going to Jupiter, even tho that would be amazing… Jupiter is the name of my beloved team at Automattic. The best team I should say, and we have now committed to a challenge.
It all started during my 1:1 with my TL, and we were talking about my upcoming trip, and posting pictures and all that when I mentioned that I had completely deleted my Facebook account and removed the Instagram app from my phone.

I’m just trying to stay away from social media for a while, I was spending way too much time on it and I would like to use this time to do something more productive like posting on my blog, rather than scrolling through the endless IG feed. It’s unacceptable to me that I used to blog all the time, had several different blogs and now that I work for WordPress my blog is completely abandoned. So Sam came up with the idea of a team challenge where we would write something in our blogs at least every other week and here I am.

And since we are talking about challenge, let’s talk about the amazing challenge that was switching from a Macbook Pro  🤮 to the new Pixelbook 😍.

So, for reasons I won’t mention here because they don’t really matter, I have finally migrated 100% to my new work computer. Today was the very first day I was able to work a full day on it.

Migrating to a new computer is something that can be a really arduous task, but when you are switching to a different system this becomes an Herculean quest. Specially with all the security measures that involves our line of work, BUT, the time has come, I’m finally sending the Macbook away. You served me not so very well during these two years, I won’t miss you, but go in peace!!

So, let’s start.

The very first thing I’ve noticed when I opened the box was, of course, the size. It is a 12.3 Inches notebook, compared to the 15 inches I had before, so that took a bit of adapting. And one major problem:

Less space to add sticker!!

That said, it’s so, so, sooooo light, so thin and light like father, which is great since I travel a lot and even tho I don’t take many clothes with me all the electronic gear add up to a lot of extra weight in my backpack. Notebook, camera, phone, cables, batteries, headphone, more cables, lenses, and lets not forget the… cables.

The Keyboard is so soft and easy on your fingers. I’m very happy I don’t feel like I’m typing into cement anymore. The Keyboard also have a backlight that is not showing on this picture because there was too much light in the room.

This is one of my favourite things, the size of the freaking charger. It’s normal. Normal size, normal weight, and very effective. It ACTUALLY stays there if you plug it to a wall. It’s SO MAGIC. Finally a charger that won’t add 1 billion pounds to my backpack. Seriously, the Apple charge could be used as a weapon so heavy it is.

Needless to say it connects with my phone and my house smoothly, all my pictures are connected, it’s easy to transfer files, install and uninstall apps, everything is on the right side (to me, I mean. This Apple thing of having the closing option for a window on the left is not nice). The apps are a bit different because it uses the mobile version, not the desktop, so that also takes some time to adapt.

It’s also touchscreen, and you can use it as a tablet, which is good for drawing. You can buy the Stylus, but it costs around $100 and I didn’t see much need for that at the moment.

But I have already done these:

If you are using it as a notebook the track-pad is fast and smooth as well and I heard, through the grapevine, that some nice new features will be added to the next update of Chrome OS in the first weeks of August, like the multiple desktops option that Windows and Mac already have.

That’s a summary of the more basic things I can remember now. If I come across more amazing things I will update the post. There are a bunch of technical work-related stuff hat doesn’t matter here, but the final conclusion after having it for 10 days is I’M LOVING IT!

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