Day 26  😱

ferris wheel in Tibidabo

During January, I will be posting (tentatively) one post every day as part of the #bloganuary challenge
Today’s Prompt: What is your favourite part about yourself?

I had never thought about this much, but a friend said to me once that I bring people together. I mix all my friends and people who don’t know each other, from different contexts. I like to try to make people feel welcome and I absolutely love when a good friendship comes as a result of a group of people I introduced.

Also, 5 days to go in the blogging challenge and today’s post (the third of the day) is happening on the right date, despite all the craziness, even tho it’s just one paragraph. 😉

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  1. I think bringing people together is a cool ability to have.

    1. 🥰

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