Here We Go Again – Packing for a long trip

And another journey is about to start. The longest trip of my life so far. I’m leaving today and will be away from home for 3 whole months. 😱
The challenge? Pack everything you need to spend three months away into one single backpack! 😅 Yeah… I know! I will write about the trip in future posts, the itinerary, the planning, everything, but on this post I will just talk a bit about packing!

I’m travelling actually with two bags, but one is 100% full of gifts and things my family asked me to buy, so the 17.9kg bag will end its journey in Norway, which is my second-ish stop of this long trip (if you don’t count the 10 hours layover in London, if you do, it will be my third stop).

So, let’s start with the backpack. I have weighted for a log time my options: a backpack or a wheeled carry-on suitcase? I ended up deciding to get a backpack, because I would need a very specific size so it could fit the luggage allowance from Easyjet (which is ridiculous btw) and the wheeled suitcases I could find were way too small and way too inflexible. I think I would be able to fit more things into a backpack, even tho I would have to carry its weight all over, and I was right. It’s like Hemione’s bottomless bag.

AmazonBasics Carry On Travel Bag

After careful consideration I ended up getting the AmazonBasic Carry On Travel bag. The size fits, it has a bagillion pockets, it opens like a regular suitcase, not like a backpack, and the price was decent. Around Cad$70.00

So, what I did was ditch everything extra I usually take with me but I could live without. And of course, I’m not going to Mars, I can always but whatever it’s needed. The most important thing in a trip like that is to feel comfortable as opposed to worry about looking nice. So I grabbed the clothes that make me feel good, comfy and are worry-free.

Shoes – One pair of comfy, broken-up sneakers and one pair of flip-flops. DO NOT take brand new shoes with you if you are planning to walk a lot. Obviously, it helps that I’m going to places where it’s going to be warm to warm-ish (Except for Norway), so I don’t have to take snow boots, and a bunch of other stuff.

Clothes – 4 leggings and one pair of jeans, but one of those really soft and thin jeans. 7 t-shirts plus one party-like top that I can use if I need to go to a place that requires something more than a tee. 10 pieces of underwear between panties and tops (bras take too much space), 4 pairs of socks, one hoodie and one waterproof jacket.

The travel cubes also help to keep things organized. In the Makeup land, foundation, two pencil-like lipsticks, one of those 4-color palettes eyeshadow, eyeliner.

Sunscreen, moisturizer, travel-size toothpaste, shampoo, hair conditioner, soap.

In the electronic gear land we have one international power adapter, earbuds, a tiny notebook, pen, Chromebook charger, Cellphone charger, Cellphone, Chromebook, Camera, camera charger and extra battery.

And I think that’s about it. I’m taking my asthma medication for 3 months, some Allegra D (last trip I got sick and had a sinusites episode and they don’t have over the counter decongestionante in Norway) as well and it all fit into the backpack! I’m so happy!!!! I was able to convert this

Into this

Right now, I’m at the airport waiting for my flight for the first leg of this trip. Destination: Orlando!

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  1. I feel like I need to try out that bag! Have fun!!

    1. Thanks. It’s really nice. Let’s see if it’s also resistant. I’ll add more info in a couple of months.

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