FanExpo 2019 – 25 Years

This past weekend was the FanExpo Canada – 25 years edition. I’m going to be honest here and say I was not sure if I would go and ended up deciding last minute to go. This is a constant thing for me. Either I decide to do something WAY before it happens and when the date approaches I regret making the decision with so much time in advance, or I postpone the decision and sometimes end up not going and regret because I didn’t go. Yeah… being me is tough.

But this time everything worked out and I’m so glad it did, because even though it feels a bit overwhelming having to drive all the way to Toronto, staying at my friends’s place (I don’t know how they can handle having me there all the time LOL) it is worth it.

I was also glad I had the Monday off, even though is means I worked on Saturday, because I was completely exhausted.

There was, as usual, looooooooooooooooooots of amazing things to see, to buy, to watch, to play, to take pictures of. I need to start a savings account just for FanExpo, because, OH MY, if you are into the nerd stuff like I am it’s hard to keep it under control 😅

So I got these two cheese boards plus some coasters and some stickers (just realized the Batman on is upside down).

We also attended two panels – Goonies and Doctor Who 🤩 Peter Capaldi is AWESOME!!!!

We went to a Doctor Who themed Escape the room which I didn’t like because we did not have enough people to make a group so we went with a bunch of strangers and it was a bit annoying.

I also got some nice posters for my office

Got some extra D8 for my fighter, since we have reached lvl 11 now and I can perform 8 attacks at once so I needed more damage die.

And took some nice pics and went to the Masquerade Ball the day before.

Goal for next year: Go all four days!

Also: 2 weeks until my super long next trip!!!

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