How am I brave?

During the month of January, I will be posting (tentatively) one post every day as part of the #bloganuary challenge
Today’s Prompt: How are you brave?

My brain is still in long-weekend-mode and I’m not feeling super inspired to write yet. I’m also not a big fan of these prompts where I have to talk about myself hahahahaha

How am I brave? 🤔 Are we talking about being brave as in being a healthcare person throughout the Pandemic kind of brave? Or Rosa Parks? Or are we talking about solo female travel kind of “brave”? Is this being brave? Today I don’t feel like it is, but ask me again later and I will probably have changed my mind. I also have the feeling I wrote about that already…

I don’t know… I guess I go after the things I want and I have no problem going out of my comfort zone most of the time. I like to explore places, have new experiences, learn new things. I think immigrating to another country by myself could be an example of that. But is that being brave? I don’t know.

On the other hand I have been freaking out for the past 6 months regarding the whole career change thing, terrified I’m not gonna make it. PANICKING!

I speak my mind when I think it’s necessary (sometimes not speaking at all is the best thing to do) and I have no issues not complying with societal expectations. Being an atheist, not wanting to have kids, not giving a crap about marriage or being single… I get this is not a big deal, but …

I’m not sure if these are actually considered being brave…

9 responses to “How am I brave?”

  1. Sounds like you have done a lot of brave things. Sometimes we’re forced into bravery by circumstances we can’t control. Like living through my 11yo son’s terminal brain tumor.

    1. I’m so sorry to hear that. No one should have to go through that, specially not a child and their parents. Sending a virtual hug!

    2. Of course! Hugs to you!

  2. Changing jobs and moving to another country is of course brave!

  3. You are always pushing your comfort zones. To me, that is the very definition of being brave.

    1. 🥰 just because I have awesome friends like you around to support my crazy ideas 💗

      1. <3

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