Lynde Shores Conservation Area

And, one more weekday off, after working Saturday and Sunday. Working on weekends is not the best thing ever, but it has its perks. First of all, it’s only one weekend per month, so no biggie. Second, having weekdays off can be very useful. I get to visit places when everyone else is working, I can go do groceries when there’s NO ONE in the store and I have all the space and shopping carts to myself. Not that I need more than one, but still, it’s amazing to do groceries in an empty store.

So, it’s February, middle of the winter, in Canada, and it’s 16°C and sunny. As much as I’m COMPLETELY a little addicted to Zelda – The Breath of the Wild, I still think that spending a day like this inside the four walls of my apartment is a crime.

So I looked at my list of places to go near Toronto and picked the Lynde Shores Conservation Area. It’s in Whitby, about 80km leaving from where I live (west end) and the main entrance of the conservation area is via 1225 Victoria St. West, Whitby

Nice view, short and very flat hiking looping-trail. But it had rained a couple days before and on top of that the area is a coastal wetland, so it’s wet and muddy. So if you go, get ready to get dirty.

There’s a paid parking slot, but it’s very cheap. I paid $4.00 for 12 hours and there’s no fee to enter the park. There are 3 hiking trails that are very beginner-friendly, picnic area and a No dogs allowed policy.

Despite being completely out of shape we took about two hours to complete the largest trail, that leads to the shores, including all the time we stopped to take pictures.

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