Portugal – Day 1 – Cabo Espichel

Here I’m, on a new adventure! This time, Portugal, south of Spain, and Norway again. This first bit of the trip was a little different. Usually, I’m traveling by myself, but going to Lisbon was a different story because I was going to visit a good old friend (old as in we know each other forever, not as in she is old). That said I had not planned one single thing to do there. I left the planning part to her and I was not disappointed.

On day one, after picking me up at the airport (not used to that at all) we went to several places around Lisbon, starting at Cabo Espichel. The access is by car only, but if you have the opportunity, please GO! Preferably in the afternoon so you can see the sunset. The view is nothing less than amazing. From there you can see Lisbon, the Além Tejo, and other places. The Cabo is in Sesimbra. They have a Lighthouse, some ruins of abandoned buildings, and you can see all that from the top of a cliff, so if you are afraid of heights, keep your distance.

The place is all open, no need to pay to visit and they have some Food trucks selling churros and other foods and a small cafe as well (with a washroom).

They also have a site with dinosaurs footprints XD

From there we went to Parque Natural da Arrábida, where you can find the Cabo Espichel Sanctuary

In the evening we visited the Castelo de Palmela. It is a huge fortification atop of the Serra de Arrabida and the view from there is also amazing. You can visit part of the castle, it’s free, but part of it was turned into a luxury hotel (and this is one of the reasons why it’s so well preserved.

After that, pizza, wine and a good night asleep.

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