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Look at that! I’m here again in less than one week. Leaving social media behind actually encouraged me to share more on my blog.

I just got two new books that I had bought a while ago and I’m super excited to start reading it. Usually I read on my tablet, but it’s dying now. I’m not a big fan of reading from the computer, so lately I was reading Science: A History, by John Gribbin because I got the paperback version for my birthday. And I’m enjoying it a lot.

But yesterday I got two new books coming straight from Brazil. I had bought both a while ago and sent to my Parent’s house and was waiting for someone to come visit or one of my friends who live here to go to Brazil to visit so they could bring my books. We do that a lot, actually  ðŸ¤£.

The first one I got is called Sintomas Morbido (Morbid symptoms in a free translation) and talks about the fragmentation of the Brazilian Left Wing political parties and analyses what is been going on in the Brazilian Political Scene since 2013. The book author, Sabrina Fernandes, is a sociologist, Marxist, Feminist, YouTuber and activist whom I admire a lot and I was really excited to start reading her book.

I even got an autograph thanks to my mom and sis who went to the meet and greet nigh in Recife.

The second book I got is called O Bem Viver (Buen Vivir or Good living) by Alberto Acosta. This one is about a subject that has caught my interest in the last few years, which is trying to live a more balanced life, trying to get away from all this crazy consumerism-focused life we live today.

Sumac Kawsay – Buen Vivir (“good living”) is a concept rooted in the cosmovisión (or worldview) of the Quechua people of the Andes, sumak kawsay describes a way of doing things that is community-centric, ecologically-balanced and culturally-sensitive which goes along very well with my political and ethical views.

Really excited to start reading these two!!!!

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