The Lost gift saga

My godson’s birthday was on Feb 12th. Usually, when I’m travelling I buy the gift and get it delivered directly to the person’s house, but this time I decided to wait until I came back home. So I got it delivered here and I would deliver it myself. This way I could see him, which I haven’t much in the past two years, with all the pandemic and not living in the same city situation.

So I ordered a PS5 Spider-man game that should be here two days ago but Amazon said it would be delayed by one day.

Since I got home back from Norway everything is a bit of a blur 不 I don’t know if it’s post-Covid fatigue, jetlag, the fact that I jumped into an online course just one day after I was back from Norway and the course is draining my sanity (more on that on another post) because it’s a 7-days bootcamp, 8h a day and it’s over Zoom, or if it’s all three together. All I know is that right now I feel like my brain has left my skull… I have never wanted the weekend more in my life.

And yes, I work remotely and have done that for the past 4.5 years, but by tomorrow I am going to have spent more time on Zoom in 4 weeks than I spent in the year of 2021. Not joking.

On top of that, my stove decided to die, and I had to search for a new one, which was also fine. It was time… but OH MY! So many options ranging from Cad 900.00 to 8 freaking thousand dollars. 不不不不不不不 What does a 8k stove do?? Clean the house for you? Laundry? Foot massage????? It took me a while to find the right one that would not cost me a kidney.

I’m saying all that just to illustrate that, while nothing serious happened, my week has not been the most “normal” one. So I totally forgot about my godson’s gift since the date I was able to retain in my head, at that point, had changed.

Yesterday, after I was done with the classes for the day and had disconnected from Zoom, all I was able to do was turn the music on and sit down without thinking about anything else. And then… BEN’S GIFT!!! SHIT!!!

So I go to Amazon’s site to check if it had been delivered and it had. There was a picture of the tiny package at my door and all

Naturally, I went to the door and… nothing!


Did someone steal it? Boy, this never happened before. I had packages staying at my doorsteps for hours and hours, sometimes days if I’m away ( and if my neighbours are not home either to grab it for me). WHAT IS GOING ON? Like, I get that can happen in Toronto, but here? It’s a small town, a super safe and friendly neighbourhood. But well… it was not there. So I came back inside feeling a bit defeated, not gonna lie.

And then I remembered being upstairs earlier and hearing the really strong wind outside and seeing the trees frantically moving from my window. And it clicked. It was a really small and light package. It got carried by the wind. DANG! So I went out, looked around, on the sidewalk, below the cars parked in front of my house… nothing. BUT, being the stubborn person I am, I grabbed my jacket and decided to look further… I walked around my block of houses and then crossed the street and walked a bit more. Found a package that looked exactly the same. It was open, nothing inside, but the label had been completely erased because it was in a puddle (did I mentioned it was raining?) so I could not know if it was my package or not. I kept going… and a few meters ahead I saw another one.

Usually the streets are super clean here, but yesterday, after a LOT of rain, wind, melting snow, it looked like a zombie movie scenario.

I picked the package from a pile of melting, dirty snow. This one was closed. The item was still inside. I turned to check the label and there it was: my name and address.

At this point, I was not sure if the game was gonna be in one piece, but I was just so happy it was the wind, and it didn’t actually got stolen that I didn’t care.

And, the cherry on the top of the cake, the game was actually intact 仁予 戊

So Ben is getting his game and my neighbourhood is still a safe place <3

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