You’ve got mail

I’m HOOOOOOOME!!!!!! And after being away for two months you can only imagine how full my mail box was, right? And yes, 88.65% of it was “spam” 🤣. It’s annoying. But, for my delight, there were some really nice surprises there.

I simply love receiving things in my mailbox (you can read more about that here). And no, I’m not talking about Amazon boxes. I’m talking about actual letters, postal cards, cards, etc. They matter way more to me than gifts. I have a big box filled with all the cards/letters I got. There are all kind of them. Christmas, birthday, drawing from my nieces and nephews, cards from friends…

Here are just a few of them <3

And yes, I read them from time to time. It’s really amazing to feel all that love again. Plus, it’s fun!!! Some of them make me laugh just by looking at them. Like these two:

They come in all shapes and sizes

They come from friends from work too

From Sam <3

And from my tiny humans

This time, I got some Christmas cards which I simply love and every year I promise I will send them out and never do.

Christmas and Owls <3 <3

I got a welcome postal card and a really fun sticker from my new team leader <3

And I got the most beautiful 2022 calendar from Sam which I absolutely loved, filled with pictures she took of gorgeous flowers.

It always brights up my day. I love reading the messages (and re-reading from time to time). It was a nice welcome home gift having so many cards in the mail box 🥰

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