The Glamour of working remotely (or not)

Some professions come with natural glamour. If you are an actor, rock star, or any kind of celebrity for that matter, you have that life that everyone else wants, or at least think they want. In the past few years, a new way of working has been gaining force. A new lifestyle. Working from home, working from anywhere in the world you want has become more and more common, and more and more I see people interested in looking for a job where they can work from home.

You see people working from all sort of amazing places, by the pool in Bali, or from a resort in Cuba.

I have worked by the pool in Florida

Orlando – FL

From Norway where I had a very special assistant

Working with the help of my niece 😍

I have also worked from Brazil 🌴, and able to travel a lot during these last 2 years. But working remotely also means working from the car shop while you wait for an oil change.

Working from the car shop
Working from the car shop – Not very glamorous at all 🤣🤣🤣

You can check some AMAZING pics from Automatticians working all over the World in the Office Today blog. It can be pretty amazing. It’s been an amazing journey to me (and btw we are hiring).

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