During the month of January, I will be posting (tentatively) one post every day as part of the #bloganuary challenge
Today’s Prompt: Who is someone that inspires you and why?

I don’t think I’m inspired by one person, but there are types of people I admire. Scientists inspire me. People who dedicate their lives to discovering the mysteries of this universe. People who live their lives based on curiosity, logic, facts inspire me. If you need famous names, I can give you Carl Sagan, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Lawrence Krauss.

Brave people inspire me. And I’m not talking about men fighting in the war kind of brave. I’m talking about Rosa Parks kind of brave. I’m talking about people fighting for justice and equal rights and willing to go through hell so other people can enjoy the freedom and rights they were fighting for. I’m talking about single parents who work 3 shifts and are still able to get home and hug their kid. I’m talking about people who are able to overcome the most adverse situations.

Optimistic people inspire me. I’m not the most optimistic person, especially when it comes to humankind. I have ZERO faith in us as a race. I think we are ruining this amazing world with our endless greed. I would never bring a child to this world. But I admire people who are able to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Selfless people inspire me. People who value community wellbeing more than their own.

Teachers inspire me (people who teach in general, be it a teacher, a mentor, a professor). Not the ones that are worried about the titles or about vomiting information to their students, but the ones that are truly interested in teaching people how to think for themselves.

Talented, smart, knowledgeable yet humble people inspire me.

People who defy power, traditions, meanless social constructions, who embrace the different, who don’t care if they don’t conform with what the society expects from them inspire me.

What about you? Who or what inspires you?

5 responses to “Inspired”

  1. I love that your inspiration is those that forge their own path. I’m similar in many ways.

  2. I’m inspired by people who are okay with making mistakes yet overcoming them and making the process public.

    1. Great point! This is absolutely inspiring!

  3. Acho que nunca me inspirei em ninguém. Pra mim o próprio conceito de se inspirar em alguém é meio estranho, já que somos todos imperfeitos. Talvez eu seja cínico demais?

    1. Acho que o fato de sermos imperfeitos nao precisa ser um determinante. Eh um fato, somos todos. Mas ainda assim, muitas pessoas fazem coisas inspiradoras. Voce pode se inspirar em um ato, uma fala. Nao implica de forma alguma que a pessoa que te inspira nao tem defeitos

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